Monday, September 30, 2013

Student Internet Contracts

This week students will be learning the importance of online safety.  They will learn about the rules and expectations of working online and how it can affect others.  We will also review and sign the Student Internet Safety Contract that will hold us responsible to these rules and expectations.


              In an effort to provide opportunities for students to share their ideas and experiences, we will be using the Internet throughout the school year. Blogs, videos, podcasts, and other websites will provide classes with a safe environment to record their ideas and share with each other, or in other words “blog & network.” Kidblog, one of the sites we will use, can only be accessed with a special code, and all posts are private, only viewable to those in the class. Each student will be given a username and password they can use to log into the class. Parents can also receive a code to follow the class and their child within the network. Comments and posts are edited and reviewed before posting on the website. Any inappropriate posts will be deleted. Activities on Kidblog will be done in class, with optional items that can be done at home.
Since we will do various assignments online (such as videos, wikis, podcasts, etc), there are very strict rules students must follow in order to participate. These rules are made for the students’ safety and as guidelines for Internet use anywhere. Please review these rules and return the

 bottom portion of this form signed and dated. If the form is not returned signed, then you will not be able to participate, and alternative assignments will be given when the class takes part in these activities.
              Again, thank you for all your support. Together we can make a difference!
Internet Contract:
1.    I will not post any personal information (my own or someone else's), including full names, addresses, or phone numbers. 
2.    I will use appropriate spelling and grammar (no text lingo).
3.    I will not write about anyone else in my blog. I will not post a picture or video of someone else without their and my teacher’s permission.
4.    I will use socially appropriate language and a respectful tone of voice. (no sarcasm)
5.    I will not write anything that could hurt someone’s feelings.
6.    I will not give away the ending of any book or movie; I will only leave a brief summary with my opinion.
I have read the above rules and agree to follow them.

Student _____________________________________________             

Date ______________________________  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


This week in class we are learning about the rules and responsibilities of the technology lab.  We are reading and signing our technology contracts which hold us responsible for the handling of equipment, as well as the expectations of being in the technology lab.  These rules are in place to help keep the lab equipment, and ourselves safe.   


                        · Computers are to be treated with respect just like every other piece of equipment.
                        · You must follow the teachers’ directions with regards to computer usage or you will get your computer privileges taken away.
                        · You may not play with the mouse, keys on keyboard, or display of the computer.
                        · The desk must remain clean and picked up.
                        · You must put all books and personal belongings on the back of your chair and not on your desk. (objects on desk can make it difficult to work on the computer)
                        · You should not EVER have food or drinks near the computers.
                        · Do not ever attempt to “fix” a computer – notify me immediately if you have a problem.
                        · Always log out of your account before you leave class – You are responsible for anything done on your online account if you leave it logged in.
                        · You may only use headphones when you have permission from your teacher.

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