Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Computer Coding

This year, 3rd graders will participate in a computer coding unit in which students will learn how to create algorithms (list of steps) that will run a computer.  Students will be using the website to track their coding skills and be able to problem solve so that the computer can run the program effectively.  The goal is to create algorithms (list of steps) for the computer to run in order to get the angry bird to the pig.. This is a fun way to introduce students to the concept of computer coding as well as help them to problem solve or debug the computer program.  Now, LETS GET THAT PIG!!

check out this video on computer coding in schools

Raz Kids

Every Student at PS503 has been given a RAZ Kids account which allows students to access several different electronic books based on their reading levels.  Students can log in at home and at school and practice reading.  Raz kids allows students to read books as well as have books read to them and take quizzes based on the reading.  Each student account is being tracked by classroom teachers, as a way to help each student improve their reading skills. 

Parents who do not have computers at home can download the RAZ kids app on their tablets and smartphones.  The app is free and a fun way to have your child read!

Ms. Martelli's Virtual Classroom

 Ms. Martelli's Virtual Classroom