Thursday, October 24, 2013


Mindmeister maps allow students to sort and categorize different topics and information.  Students can add visuals and connect ideas using the different functions within Mindmeister.  Mindmeister can be used for an isolated activity or topic, or can be used as a year-long tool to collect and present information.

Here are some examples of how we used Mindmeister for Social Studies

Students used Mindmeister to develop their identity maps and organize categories that helped to define who they are and how they became to be.  In order to do this we logged into our Mindmeister accounts and inserted new ideas, relationships, hyperlinks, as well as images.  These mind maps give others an insight into who we are as individuals. We will add to our mind maps across the year because as all people do, we will grow and evolve everyday.  Check out one of our Mindmeister Samples .

Students used Mindmeister to:
  • Create a yearlong social studies curriculum map for students to add information, opinions and ask questions
  • At the beginning of a unit, the Mindmeister map can be used to record research questions
  • While researching and studying within the unit, the Mindmeister map was used once a week as a place to record information and post additional wonderings or questions.  This was done both individually on personal computers, and as a whole class during review discussions.
  • When researching the cause and effects of the American Revolution, each group received an event and worked together to determine who was involved, when the event occurred, what happened, and why the event happened.

Ms. Martelli's Virtual Classroom

 Ms. Martelli's Virtual Classroom